Simply unravel

Running on empty? Lets take a moment, not to fix anything, just to relax, refill, restore. It is said that you need 10 physical contacts every day for healthy wellbeing… a friendly hug, a pat on the back, someone brushing your hair, holding hands with a loved one or simply a genuine handshake.

Life can be so busy or complicated that this doesn’t always happen, or that sometimes, those contacts are actually draining your reserves. Just like the car, when the tank is near empty, things don’t run as smoothly.

This is a little pamper session tailored to you, to help with your points of contact and to fill the tank so that you can keep on giving and living.

It might go something like a foot soak, a little laugh to release, a mini melting meditation to help you relax and settle, a mix of soft relaxing massage and reiki.

If you would like to incorporate something special, like your favourite music or special oil, then please ask.

This is all about you!