So what happens after the treatment?

How you might feel after Bowen?

  • Your body may feel tired, or it may feel energized and light
  • You may feel you need to go to bed earlier than usual
  • Your condition should ease over the next couple of days
  • You should feel better within yourself
  • Your pain may become more specific in location

Things to avoid.

  • Crossing legs, knees, ankles or feet…keep them firmly and equally planted & let your arms hang gently down
  • Carrying items in back pocket or underwear; wallet, phone etc
  • Carrying things unevenly; handbag, backpack, shopping bags, tools, children
  • Poor posture; slumping, standing with weight on one leg, text neck
  • Extremes of hot/cold i.e. heat/ice packs, sauna. Enjoy a warm/tepid shower or bath.
  • ‘Contact’ sports or any other kind of rough play for a day or two
  • Magnets, for the next couple of days (wearing them, bedding underlays etc.)
  • Alternative therapies e.g. massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, for 7 days

To help you get the most from the Bowen treatment…

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water. Water is needed to flush toxins and hydrate the body.
  • Take a little walk, and avoid sitting for longer than half an hour. Walking actually helps the body to reset and keeps the flow of messages active so the treatment keeps working.
  • Exercises or stretches may be given to assist the body. They are an important part of the treatment plan, helping to correct issues which may have lead you to the treatment table. Commence the exercises/stretches the day after your treatment. See the library below for details if you would like to check what to do.

What next?

  • Wait…the body requires time to respond and heel, sometimes 7-10 days to fully process today’s treatment.
  • After your initial treatment it is recommended to visit weekly for about 3 weeks to help ‘lock-in’ the changes that your body has made. It usually takes a while for issues to develop and sometimes the body needs a little reinforcement getting back on track.
  • Just like any other moving item that bears daily stressors, e.g. your car, regular maintenance is required to keep everything running optimally. Depending on the intensity and frequency of those stressors, I suggest a visit every 4-8 weeks for a tune up.
  • Follow up on any referrals identified throughout your treatment, at least give it some consideration and investigation.
  • Make contact if you have any questions or want to discuss what you might be experiencing after your treatment.

Stretching activities

Sometimes a muscle imbalance or postural concern is related to tension in certain muscles. These muscles may need to be supported through gentle regular stretching complimentary to your Bowen treatment.


Strengthening exercises

Strengthening exercises may have been recommended if you have a muscle weakness or imbalance. Some key exercises are listed for you, and where possible, require no special equipment or weights.


I encourage you to discuss the options for different activities to stretch/exercise the particular muscles, with your PT or other appropriate exercise instructor.

The quality of the exercise/stretch will determine it’s success in supporting your wellness journey…please seek support if you are unsure.