What can I expect to happen during my treatment?

Come on into the consulting room and take a seat. First, let’s have a chat about what’s happening, why you have come to see me, what your expectations are and agree what we are going to focus on. On your first visit and as appropriate there after I will get to know your body a little better with observation, range of movement assessment, testing etc.

While on the treatment table I encourage you to keep breathing through your nose, in a relaxed and natural manner as this helps with your body’s response.

Bowen moves are gentle, if the pressure doesn’t feel right for you, please let me know. Most often it’s too light and is a bit ticklish in some spots.

Why do I keep going out of the room? After the Bowen moves, a pause is allowed for the body to integrate this new information. During this time I leave the room as the Bowen treatment also affects the body on an energetic level and I don’t want to interfere with that. Some waits will be longer than others and if you are still feeling the work processing I will leave you a little longer. This is also why you may notice, while you’re on the table, I minimise talking to only the essential information regarding your treatment.

I encourage you to be curiously aware of what you are feeling during your treatment and let me know about the tingles, twitches, buzzing or warmth sensations you may feel as it all helps to build the picture of what is happening for you.

As with any other type of bodywork, bodily noises & reactions can happen, it’s ok. It means you are relaxing, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and that means the rest-and-digest bodily functions. Falling asleep is ok and so is a little purring/snoring.

While most Bowen work is done with you lying on the table, there are procedures that require you to stand and some moves where you are best seated.

In planning your treatment, I will discuss with you any procedures that are performed around private areas such as the groin, tailbone, or chest.