Balance your energy…Soothe your soul

Reiki (Japanese words pronounced “ray key”) “Rei” means universal life and “ki” means energy, as in “Chi” (Chinese) “Prana” (Sanskrit) “Mana” (Hawaiian). Reiki activates the innate healing ability of the Body, Mind & Spirit to produce balanced wellness. Reiki is both a spiritual practice and an ancient healing art, channeling the universal energy that is in all things, and permeates every cell in our body.

This gentle non-invasive modality is typically hands on with the client fully clothed and often draped with a light cloth or blanket to create a sense of comfort and nurturing. It is common for clients to fall asleep during their session and when they awaken they often feel calm and serene. Clients often experience the reiki energy as a sensation around the area of the practitioners’ hands and can range from warmth, coolness, tingling or other interesting sensation during the session.

Need something a little more tangible? Reiki has been studied under the science of Quantum Physics. Einstein’s equation E=mc2, in layman terms, shows that all matter is energy and the difference in all that we experience in our world is the vibrational nature of the energy. You have a personal frequency, an electromagnetic field, and a measurable aura; this is where the reiki practitioner works. The energy, well it goes where it is needed in the body to create balance and flow.