My Story

For as long as I can remember it seemed only natural to want to help people who were hurting and, in some way, ‘stuck’ in life. I formally learnt to massage in my first year out of school, giving structure to my youthful style. This skill was a bonus during my nursing career, offering patients a little extra comfort.

In my early twenties I developed Lupus (SLE). This was a game changer in life, I could no longer work or race my go-kart or dance or go skiing with friends…heck, there were days I couldn’t even brush my hair. Everything hurt, I couldn’t get out of my own way and I was scared about my future. Was this my life?

Kellie means “Warrior”, and true to my name, I wasn’t about to let this condition beat me. I learnt all I could about lupus, worked with my medical team and a range of both complementary and alternate therapists to get back on my feet and back into being alive. As with many chronic illness, there are secondary battles like mental health and, for me, fertility. Keeping active, eating well, quality rest, meditation and gentle nurturing treatments help create balance in my life. With balance, life flows well.

I found myself in the world of HR, Safety, and Workplace Rehabilitation. Driven by the experiences of being on the other side and knowing what happens when things go wrong, I had a strong interest in prevention, early intervention and employee wellbeing.

After 20+ years, it was time for a change and with a gentle nudge from the universe my dream of Evoke Wellbeing emerged. Everything I offer to you, are therapies that helped in my own healing journey, all gentle, yet very effective.

I look forward to helping you live your dreams ~ be well & stay well.